Maintenance service

Maintenance service

Consulting, mapping, and maintenance agreement

Is determining the for analysis and regular sampling difficult?

If necessary, we will visit you on-site to assess your analysis needs and determine the criticality categories for different sites as well as suitable locations for sampling. It matters where the sample is taken, as it depends a lot on what you want to find out and how critical the component is. The mapping exercise will establish a sampling program and routines that are suitable for you.

With a maintenance agreement, you can delegate the responsibility and practice from start to finish and provide you with reports at agreed regular intervals and, if necessary, with operational updates.

Maintenance content as you wish

A maintenance agreement may only include the delivery of sampling equipment, which your staff will use to collect and deliver samples to us according to a  set schedule. Or at its broadest, the agreement can cover the analyses performed by us, additional materials, cleanings, and reports according to the agreed time frame and as needed. 

A maintenance agreement can include diesel or fuel oil tanks, lubricating oil and cooling systems.

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