Oil tank and fuel cleaning, analysis, and microbial protection

Ensures the undisturbed operation of machinery, equipment and, vessels.



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  • Fuel- and oil analyses
  • Removal of diesel bacteria
  • Oil tank cleaning
  • Cleaning of diesel and heating oil
  • Filters and separators
  • Leakage prevention in propulsion and rudder systems

You can contact us for any purity and quality problems regarding diesel fuels, lubricating oils, process and cooling water, and their tanks.

In Finland and Europe, we ensure the cleanliness of the fuel and fuel tanks of machines, ships, yachts, households, data centers and emergency power plants of critical sites, among others. 

Our product range includes the best-performing products on the markets for fuel and water storage, control of microbial growth and tank cleaning. The selection also includes do-it-yourself analytical kits.  

Our service covers the cleaning of fuel tanks and fuels. Quality control of oils, diesel fuels, and the process of cooling water through analysis and quality maintenance. Since 2006. 

The price of oil analyzes starts at only 40 euros !



In our store, you find the most advanced and efficient products on the market for microbial protection and storage of fuel and drinking water, fuel and water filtration, and tank cleaning. Our brands include, for example: Grotamar82, Diesel Out and SeparMaster.

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