Stop Leak Paste SLB MAX

Stop leak paste for lip seals for stern tubes, bow thruster, rudder and stabilizer, when the leakage is more than 20 liters per day, then MERINA SLB MAX is the right product. Also for all leakage case in face and Cedervall type seals.

135.00 €
excl. VAT 108.87 €

Container sizes: 1 kg, 3 kg and 10 kg.

Mixing ratio: 5 - 10% of total oil volume. Ask for more when ordering. 

A high-end range of features 

Seals and protects

SLB products seals and protects the system from oil leaks and water ingress. SLB reduce wear and prevent corrosion.


Permanent or temporary leak prevention. The actual maintenance can be scheduled for the planned docking.

Protect the environment

Every year, up to millions of liters of oil leak into the sea from propeller and rudder systems.

Easy to dispense

Dispensing can be done by the crew while on the move.

Increase the life of the seals

Recommended for use already during the installation phase of new seals = Increase the service life of the seals.

Customer sat­is­fac­tion over 95%

We can proudly say that our customer satisfaction and the functionality of our products are the best on the market.