Tank and fuel cleaning

With our mobile equipment, cleaning of oil and diesel tanks is possible from sizes 20 litres up to 200.000 litres.

Cycle rinse
Cycle rinse

The cycle rinse is an effective and often the only way to clean the tank. In addition, the cycle rinse usually cleans the fuel in the tank to a level that is close to or equal to the new fuel. This is also called fuel polishing. The microbicide Grotamar82 used in the cycle rinse protects the fuel against microbes, corrosion, and moisture.

Why choose the cycle rinse?

Current diesel fuels and fuel oils have very limited durability and poor resistance to microbes. Microbial growth that clogs filters and destroys nozzles can accumulate in the tank in a very short time. In addition, moisture and other impurities accumulate in the tank. Tank cleaning methods where the fuel is removed during cleaning and returned to the tank uncleaned do not necessarily produce the desired result. The fuel may be contaminated with microbes and contain moisture, in which case the benefit of cleaning is lost immediately: Microbes start to produce new growth. 

In a cycle rinse, both the tank and the fuel / oil are cleaned at the same time. Read why fuel should be cleaned and what dirty fuel causes

Diesel problems:

  • Malfunctions
  • Clogged filters
  • Breakage of nozzles
  • Dirt, water, or corrosion inside the tank
  • Higher fuel consumption
  • The tank has not been cleaned for more than 5 years 

If any of the above problems occur, please contact us immediately.

What is Cycle rinse?